10 Ways You Can
Share God’s Love with
People in Need

2020 Christmas Catalog

10 Ways You Can Share God’s Love with People in Need

2020 Christmas Catalog

Bless Poor Families
with Farm Animals

Your gift of farm animals will completely transform a family in poverty, providing them with nourishment and income—and an opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ! Ducks supply a family with a healthy diet of eggs and meat, while goats provide nutritious milk. A water buffalo is a prize for families in Southeast Asia, allowing them to till their land faster and produce more crops.

$50 helps provide farm animals for needy families

Feed the Hungry

If it wasn’t for the feeding center near Juan’s village in Peru, he might have sold drugs to earn money for food—like many of his peers. Instead, Juan enjoys daily meals after school each day at the very center where he committed his life to Christ. In poor communities throughout the world, indigenous missionaries run feeding centers as a way to share God’s love with hungry and hurting people. The meals they serve provide life-saving nourishment, and the hope they offer transforms lives. Your gift will help a feeding center provide daily meals for an entire month—and help spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

$34 helps provide meals for a month

Mend Broken Lives with Sewing Machines

At age 21, Aisha had three children and no skills or education. Her husband hoarded his meager wages, leaving the family penniless and hungry until he returned with food late in the evenings. Everything changed after Aisha completed a sewing program run by an indigenous ministry that provided her with her own sewing machine and the best gift of all: salvation through Jesus Christ! You can provide a woman like Aisha who’s completed a sewing program with her own sewing machine and a new life in Christ.

$80 provides 1 sewing machine
$160 provides 2 sewing machines

Propel the Gospel through Bicycles

In poor countries, indigenous missionaries spend many hours and days carrying the gospel on foot to remote villages where no one has heard the message of Jesus Christ. Bicycles enable them to reach twice or even three times as many people as they could if they had to walk—and they are perfect for carrying across streams or transporting on boats. Propel the gospel to the ends of the earth with your gift of a bicycle.

Your gift of $100, $200, or $300 provides 1, 2, or 3 bicycles

Give the Gift
of God’s Word

Imagine being too poor to afford your own copy of God’s Word…or living in a country where Bibles are scarce and hard to obtain because it’s illegal to own one. Your gift of Bibles will help indigenous missionaries buy or print Bibles in local languages, smuggle them across borders, and transport them to grateful believers in the most remote villages and communities throughout the world.

$32 provides 4 Bibles
$64 provides 8 Bibles

Meet a
Missionary’s Needs

At this very moment, indigenous missionaries are trudging through thick heat in mosquito-infested jungles, paddling canoes to far-away islands, and hiking on steep mountain paths to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who have never heard His name. They struggle to provide for their families in places where there are no local Christians to support them. Your gift of $60 will help meet the needs of an indigenous missionary and their family for one month while they share the wonders of God’s love with a world in need.

$60helps support 1 missionary and their family
$120helps support 2 missionaries and their families

Reach Refugees
for Christ

Rima and her mother used to own a flower shop in Syria before terrorists invaded their city and began attacking people and forcing them out of their homes. They fled to a nearby country, leaving behind everything—their home, business, and belongings. Indigenous missionaries found them under an open picnic shelter and began bringing them food and other basic necessities. Rima and her mother came to know the Lord through the missionaries’ kindness. “Although we lost everything, we have won our Savior, Jesus Christ,” Rima said. Add a refugee family to your Christmas list this year by providing them with life-saving provisions and the hope of the gospel.

$34 provides life-saving provisions for 1 refugee family
$68 provides life-saving provisions for 2 refugee families

Stand with
Persecuted Christians

Thanh Vu was sharing the gospel with a fellow villager in Vietnam when a government official sliced him across his cheek, eye, and forehead with a machete—a punishment for not obeying orders to remain silent about Christ. Christians around the world are being attacked, beaten, imprisoned, and murdered. Your Christmas gift for persecuted Christians will help cover the costs of medical aid for those who have been physically attacked, legal aid for those who have been wrongfully imprisoned, and basic necessities for those whose homes have been destroyed or who’ve lost jobs because of their faith in Christ.

Your gift of $35 helps persecuted believers

Build a Center
of Refuge and Hope

In countries where Christians are a poor and persecuted minority, even the simplest church building stands as a beacon of hope and creates a refuge for fellow believers to worship together and encourage one another in their faith. These humble churches are epicenters of God’s grace in dark communities, doubling as homes for pastors and missionaries, schools and feeding centers for poor children, and training centers for new believers to learn God’s Word. Celebrate the Savior by helping to build a place for His people to meet and minister.

$50 helps build a center for ministry
$100 helps build a center for ministry

Change a Child’s Life

So many children live in desperation situations, but they are not destined to be swallowed up in darkness. You can change a child’s life with your gift, which will help support children’s ministries in some of the world’s poorest countries. Run by indigenous missionaries, these ministries feed, clothe, shelter, educate, and disciple children in God’s Word—setting them on a path that leads to life!

$30 helps care for 1 child for a month
$60 helps care for 2 children for a month