February 2022

Your Prayer Guide To Reach The World

February 1

Support Christian Pre-School

Tuesday, February 1 – China Pandemic lockdowns have caused incomes to nosedive, diminishing churches’ ability to support workers at a Christian pre-school serving children of

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February 5

Help Uplift the Poor

Saturday, February 5 – North Africa Local ministries touch the hearts of troubled children and older youths in counseling to heal them of inner wounds,

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February 8

Help Cover Worker Costs

Tuesday, February 8 – Philippines Children and older youths who are bored at home during lockdowns welcome local missionaries and listen with keen interest to

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February 12

Help Proclaim the Messiah

Saturday, February 12 – Israel As the pandemic came under control, local missionaries resumed hosting in-person events, offering 48 Holocaust survivors a warm meal and

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February 13

Send Sorely Needed Aid

Sunday, February 13 – South Asia Heavy monsoons hit destitute people already suffering from the pandemic, and local missionaries responded with food, clothing and other

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February 15

Help Form New Disciples

Tuesday, February 15 – Laos Neither hospital personnel nor witchdoctors were able to determine why a married couple felt sore and then lost the ability

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February 16

Spread Gospel Seeds

Wednesday, February 16 – China Gospel seed found good soil as local missionaries shared the gospel in home visits and online. During one visit, five

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February 17

Help Expand God’s Kingdom

Thursday, February 17 – Pakistan Many people are confessing their sins and coming to Christ as native missionaries visit homes, lead Bible studies and counsel

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February 19

Help Bring Aid to Refugees

Saturday, February 19 – Middle East Refugees who live in tent camps among Islamic extremists welcome the words of comfort that local missionaries bring along

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February 23

Send Aid and the Gospel

Wednesday, February 23 – Burma Buddhists and worshippers of ancestral spirits are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ in spite of pandemic lockdowns and political

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