Decade after decade, billions of dollars are sunk into the dark continent of Africa, but Africans continue to suffer from the same problems of famine and hunger, illiteracy, tribal warfare, disease, and low mortality. Corrupt and oppressive governments keep the population in poverty, doing little to develop basic infrastructures like roads, irrigation systems, clean water sources, and sewage systems—or provide social services like schools and hospitals.

Muslim “missionaries” have taken advantage of this situation. Fueled by oil-rich Middle Eastern countries, they build schools, open hospitals, and drill wells—but to access these resources, one must convert to Islam. Many Africans merely add elements of Islam to their animistic practices; others fall prey to recruitment by Islamic terrorists whose training grounds are located throughout the continent. Terrorist groups include Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al-Shabaab in Kenya.

Though Christian missionaries lack the resources of Muslim missionaries, they have something much more powerful: the gospel of Jesus Christ. In describing how the gospel has changed their communities, ministry leaders have reported reduced gang activity, improved work ethics, and freedom from oppressive tribal superstitions and practices.

How You Can Make a Difference

Indigenous missionaries in Africa boldly and courageously address Islam and demonic strongholds, and persevere in the face of frequent natural disasters, famine, drought, and extreme poverty. Your prayers and financial support greatly encourage them, remind them that they are not alone, and strengthen their work so they can reach even more souls for Christ.

Ways To Give

Evangelism & Discipleship

An indigenous ministry in the West African nation of Sierra Leone, where more than 60 percent of the population practices a toxic blend of witchcraft and Islam, is reaching lost villagers for Christ through its five-fold strategy of prayer, sending missionaries to the field, showing gospel films, holding crusades, and discipleship. Through this method, they planted churches in 34 villages in 2016. “Over 70 percent of the churches planted have been through the support received from Christian Aid Mission,” the leader said. GIVE NOW to help evangelistic and discipleship ministries like this one in Africa.

Community Engagement

After traveling to Egypt’s northern villages and shantytowns, an Egyptian Christian leader started a ministry to encourage people to lift themselves out of poverty. His immediate objective was to help the needy support themselves by offering loans so they could establish their own small businesses. Over half of Egypt’s women are considered illiterate, but through the ministry’s educational and evangelistic programs, many are on their way to profitable careers and a new life in Jesus Christ. Over 1,000 women have taken cosmetology and sewing classes through the ministry, which also offers occupational training programs for men, including barbering, ceramic tiling, house construction, painting, electronics, carpentry, and plumbing. Mobile computerized training units are taken into economically-depressed communities. Once students complete their training, the ministry helps them find employment. GIVE NOW to help community engagement ministries like this one in Africa.


In the prisons of Mali, death from “natural causes” is not uncommon—most often a result of unsanitary conditions, poor nutrition, overcrowding and lack of clean water and medical care. Any soap and hygiene items come from prisoners’ family members. An indigenous ministry is sharing the love of Christ with prisoners by bringing them toiletries, disinfectants, and mosquito nets. Muslims who would never be receptive to the gospel message under normal circumstances listen to it in the prisons. The ministry is providing Bibles to both inmates and prison guards who express a desire to know more about Christ. GIVE NOW to help compassion ministries like this one in Africa.

Exclusive Stories from the Mission Field

Gospel Moves in Kenya in Spite of COVID-19

The pastor of a native ministry’s church in Kenya was returning home from a visit with troubled villagers in the dark of night when four young men stopped him. He was known as the one people went to when they had any problem, but the four robbers who stopped him saw him only as a lone target in the dark. “Four young men ambushed him and wanted to rob him, but after one recognized him, he stopped the other three,” the director said.

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Widowed Christian in Africa Persecuted for Her Faith

Arafa had been in charge of teaching Islam to women in an African country when a native missionary led the recently widowed woman to receive Christ. Her Muslim in-laws not only beat her but began a campaign in the courts to deprive her and her family of their legal property rights, the leader of a native ministry said. The relatives were especially furious as her conversion led to her nine children and four grandchildren becoming Christians.

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Unforgotten Dream Puts African on New Path

After making a purchase at a local market stall in Africa, 15-year-old Abdoul had turned to leave when he realized he’d seen the shop owner in a dream two years before. He’d dreamt about him just after returning home from 10 years under the tutelage of a teacher of Islam. “That day when I saw the man in the boutique, I didn’t know what to say, and I returned to explain to him what I had experienced – that a Prophet had instructed me in a dream to come and see him,” he said.

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Gospel Stands Up to Fierce Foes in Africa

Islamic extremist groups are a growing danger in Africa, but often the greater threat to Christians comes from Muslim relatives. In one country, a young mother who left Islam for Christ fears she and her two children will be left destitute if her husband discovers her faith.

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