Community Engagement

Transforming Communities

Building Christ’s church throughout the world is our top priority. We do this by assisting indigenous ministries with the resources they need to reach the world’s last remaining unreached people groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

These resources include vehicles so missionaries don’t have to travel on foot, portable projectors and screens so they can show evangelistic films, Bibles and discipleship materials in local languages, simple church buildings, and training centers.

Indigenous ministries assisted by Christian Aid Mission have established hundreds of training centers where local believers are discipled and prepared to share the Good News with their own people. They are sending workers into the world’s most difficult mission fields, where false religions and hostile governments oppose God’s truth. With help from God’s people in developed nations, indigenous ministries will push back the gates of hell and establish a witness for Christ in every nation.Christian Aid Mission helps indigenous ministries bring hope and healing to entire communities through community engagement projects.

In poverty-stricken regions where illiteracy is high, indigenous missionaries open schools. They help pull women out of the soul-killing work of prostitution by teaching them a vocational skill such as sewing. In India, a Christian hospital provides free eye surgeries to destitute people. In Iraq, a mobile medical clinic visits displaced people in remote areas. In Indonesia, indigenous ministries help local Christians start small businesses to provide for their families and establish a place for themselves in communities that would otherwise reject them.

Ministries in Burma have found that wells are one of the most powerful ways to reach closed villages with the gospel. Villagers who no longer have to trek miles every day to obtain clean water are open to learning about the Living Water. Hundreds often attend ministries’ evangelistic outreaches, and those who accept Christ form churches.

Community Engagement Around the World


Pandemic Strikes Women Struggling to Survive in Egypt

A widow in Egypt was in tears when she called a local ministry leader with word that she had lost her job as a housecleaner due to a coronavirus lockdown.

She was supporting seven family members, including a daughter with two infants who was separated from her drug-addicted husband and a married son with two children who had lost his job and home due to the pandemic.

“She was crying while telling us that she had to sell her kitchen appliances in order to meet some of their basic needs,” the leader said.

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