Christian Answer to a Muslim Prayer

Christian Answer to a Muslim Prayer

A Muslim mother of three trying to bring her family from Syria to Lebanon across snowy mountains feared they would freeze to death if they stopped moving.

Even with the help of a paid guide to smuggle them into the country, the refugee family was blocked – snow had piled up on a road through the border area’s windy mountains. Her exhausted children, who had been hearing only sharp commands to keep moving or else they would freeze to death, were relieved to get a rest. At first.

They knew they were in trouble when they saw their widowed mother begin to pray through her tears.

Rasha* tightened the shawl pulled tight over her head and raised her face to the sky as she asked “Allah the most merciful” to spare their lives. Suddenly Christ on the cross appeared to her in a vision, crucified but feeling no pain. He gazed down at her lovingly, and she felt a peace in her heart that they would be safe.

Her children could not have known that her crying had turned from tears of despair to tears of joy.

Her children could not have known that her crying had turned from tears of despair to tears of joy. The guide began leading them up a steep incline of deep snow.

Eventually they found a way back to the road and crossed into Lebanon, ending up in a refugee camp. There a native missionary distributing food packages met Rasha, and she told him about their journey, including the vision.

“She had always questioned why she saw Christ on the cross in her vision,” the ministry director wrote to Christian Aid Mission, adding that the native missionary shared how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross displayed His love for her. “Sharing Christ’s love for her, he explained the meaning of her vision. She then prayed with him to receive Christ.”

She found a faith that changed her entire life, he said.

“She came to realize that God, through that vision, had revealed Himself to her,” the ministry director said. “She started coming to church, and as a result, she was persecuted by her neighbors in the camp, so she decided later to change her location.”

Always eager to share her testimony, Rasha is one of thousands of refugees from Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East who have come to embrace Christ through the outreach of native missionaries. Please consider a gift today to help bring them critical aid and the crucial message of the Cross.

*Name changed for security reasons

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