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Exclusive stories from the mission field

Exclusive stories from the mission field

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Rival Tribes Sow Kingdom Seeds in the Philippines

Members of a tribe in the Philippines lived in tense isolation from each other due to decades of conflict that at times flared into war. Then native missionaries arrived suggesting the unthinkable – rival factions working together in community farming. For the tribal villagers, it would be a necessary evil that brought unthinkable good.

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Praying against a Father’s Hostility in the Middle East

Weeping, a young professional woman recently called the leader of a ministry based in her country in the Middle East at 11:30 p.m. Amal Mousa* still lived with the Muslim parents who raised her, and she told the leader that her father had learned she was attending church services against his orders.

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Syrian’s Life Takes New Direction as Refugee

Hasan Qasim was a young, well-off businessman in a major city of Syria when police stopped him at a checkpoint five years ago. The government wanted him to rejoin the Syrian army. Qasim had completed his mandatory military service 11 years before. “They pushed me to fight again,” Qasim said. “And I didn’t want to fight.”

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Evangelism & Discipleship in the Middle East

Victims of Violence in Iraq Find Healing in Christ

A 30-year-old Kurdish woman was one of 6,000 Yazidis seized when ISIS militants invaded Iraq in 2014. Yazidi religion being especially despised by Muslim extremists, over the next three years she was sold to fighters of different factions who raped her and her daughters. When she was freed, her parents did not recognize her.

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100-Year-Old Pastor a Balm amid Suffering in Laos

A 100-year-old church leader has long attended a local ministry’s training seminars, where he has encouraged others with his faithfulness in the face of persecution. “He has endured so much in his walk with the Lord, to the point that he was imprisoned eight times for his faith,” the native ministry leader said.

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Workers in Burma Face Unprecedented Stresses

With some civilians dressed as soldiers and some soldiers dressed as civilians, it is often impossible to know who is responsible for ongoing acts of terrorism in Burma (Myanmar), the leader of a native ministry said.

Hit first by COVID-19 and then a bloody coup that has brought ongoing violence, local missionaries are bringing light to unprecedented depths of darkness.

“The situation is very bad – we are in a battlefield, every day there is killing,” the leader said. “We have bombs exploding everywhere. It is very risky to go outside.”

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Latin America

COVID-19 Threatens Atheist’s Life – and Beliefs

Victor lived in a slum area riddled with crime, a red zone where he was constantly on edge to protect the small family he had begun. He struggled to support them as a driver of a three-wheeler taxi. Though raised to worship idols, Victor believed in no gods as he faced the threat of COVID-19 with each passenger he carried.

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July 1, 2021
The 26-year-old son of wealthy Muslims was deeply troubled – by his mother’s prayers for him. “He became a believer, and his mother heard about it,” the leader of a local ministry said. “As she is a very strict Muslim lady, she began doing 50 Muslim prayers each day – 40 of these prayers is the norm for most strict Muslims – in order to get her son back into the Muslim faith.”
June 24, 2021
Islamic extremist groups are a growing danger in Africa, but often the greater threat to Christians comes from Muslim relatives. In one country, a young mother who left Islam for Christ fears she and her two children will be left destitute if her husband discovers her faith.
June 17, 2021
Two Kurdish men who had fled hardships in southeastern Turkey surprised local missionaries in Greece when they eyed books on the refugee ministry’s shelves and asked, “What are these?” When workers answered that they were Bibles, one of the men asked if there were any copies in Turkish. “I am interested to know more about God,” the refugee said. “Can you teach me?”
June 10, 2021
Building long-term relationships of trust is crucial for sharing the gospel in rural areas of Mexico, and for that local missionaries rely on personal interaction – the very thing the coronavirus pandemic curtails.
June 3, 2021
Just a year out of medical school, Fadhil Jassim was skeptical when his mother, father and sisters prayed to receive Christ, and he told local missionaries that worldwide suffering from COVID-19 was a strong argument that there was no God.