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December 1st


Local missionaries ramp up Scripture distribution during the Christmas season, handing out Bibles en route to Yuletide events where they deliver more copies to people eager to receive them – including many who do not know the Lord but happily participate in the celebrations of the season. Workers organize special Christmas parties for children and their families where they distribute gifts and the Bibles. With celebrations continuing through New Year’s Eve, hundreds of people receive Christ. Donations are sought for Christmas and other outreaches. Pray that local missionaries will be able to work around pandemic restrictions.

December 2nd


The gospel continues to spread in spite of COVID-19 as local missionaries visit homes, hospitals and other public spaces with the Good News. The Holy Spirit led one worker to go to a hospital where he prayed for patients and shared the gospel, resulting in four women and one man putting their faith in Christ. In another area, a native healer advised parents to kill their 19-year-old son because his epilepsy was a bad omen for the family, but a local missionary prayed for him and he was healed, leading the family and seven others in the village to receive Christ. Workers need donations to share the gospel and follow up with new believers. Pray for healing and salvation amid widespread suffering.

December 3rd


Remote Hmong villagers without electricity are cut off from the larger world as their community is accessible only by broken roads through rough terrain. When local missionaries brought the message of eternal life along with rice, cooking oil and clothes, destitute villagers who had never heard the gospel showed great interest in the message. Workers are continuing to visit them. A trip to another area strengthened villagers whose faith was waning, while many others put their trust in Christ. Local missionaries providing discipleship training there and throughout the country need donations of $60 to proclaim Christ and follow up with those who believe. They request prayer for safety.

December 4th


A mother of two young children thanked Christian Aid Mission donors for the monthly grocery bags she received from a local ministry every month, as her family had lost their income when her husband died of COVID-19. “You cannot imagine the tremendous help that the monthly bags of food have meant that have practically saved us from starvation,” she said. Another young mother said she and her husband both lost their jobs to the pandemic and feared they would not eat, just as workers showed up to deliver food aid. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for such relief and other compassionate aid. Pray workers will be protected from crime and COVID-19.

December 5th


Visiting unreached villages, forming friendships and organizing talks, local missionaries are spreading gospel seeds. When people suffering illness receive healing prayer, word of their recovery and faith spreads to other families and villages, and they attend gospel meetings. Some people take years to put their faith in Christ, others do so instantly. At a recent event, seven families expressed willingness to receive Christ. Workers need donations of $60 for such gospel proclamation and follow-up. Pray they will overcome barriers arising from opposition and the pandemic.

December 6th


A young girl who received care at a local ministry’s orphanage for three years impressed her relatives when she went to live with them, praying before eating and bedtime, urging them to forgive others and showing love to all. A relative who asked the ministry director about her transformation soon received Christ’s salvation and has brought other relatives to home church fellowship where they have put their faith in Christ. Workers leading such people to Christ need donations of $25 or $50 to share the gospel, follow up with believers and train others to do the same. Pray that fellowships will remain strong amid the challenges of the pandemic.

December 7th


Local missionaries are encouraged that the Christians they’re training to spread the gospel and lead churches in the Arab world are eager to learn how to pray, listen for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and disciple others. Workers are training and equipping hundreds of Christians and sending them back to their countries – Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and others – to help build God’s kingdom. Local missionaries are also serving others in practical ways such as distributing food coupons to more than 400 families suffering from the pandemic. Ministries throughout the country need donations for their monthly upkeep as they carry out these activities. Pray that new Christians will expand God’s kingdom.

December 8th


From an epileptic Iraqi who arrived in need of food and legal help to a Kurdish teenager who was alone and homeless, local missionaries provide aid and assistance to refugees that can mean the difference between life and death amid the pandemic. Desperate families arrive in need of the baby formula, clothes and other aid that workers provide along with counseling and help in securing education for children. The ministry needs donations of $35 or $70 for these and other services that the social workers, interpreters and other personnel provide. Pray for more workers to meet growing case loads and for protection from COVID-19.

December 9th


Visiting villages in search of persons of peace, starting Bible studies and providing discipleship training for new believers, local missionaries of one ministry recently planted two churches. Four new Christians were recently baptized. Ministry leaders trained 141 new church planters in the past year, while other workers organized community health days to meet people’s medical needs. Ministry workers helped 600 families of persecuted Christians with food, relocation and education for their children. Donations of $60 are sought to cover the monthly expenses of native missionaries throughout the continent as they undertake multiple ministries. Pray for worker health, protection and provision.

December 10th

Sri Lanka

A local ministry’s church in Central Province recently saw six people put their faith in Christ and receive baptism. The native missionary there and other workers prayed for a young man suffering from an evil spirit, and he was delivered and is worshipping the Lord as a new believer in Christ. In Southern Province, a family of four suffered serious headaches for seven years before a local missionary prayed for them; they were healed and became open to his message of eternal life in Christ. Donations are sought for such evangelistic outreach and discipleship. Pray for the health and safety of local ministry leaders and teams.

December 11th


Children whose parents are working off debt in brick kilns as bondslaves are apt to inherit the same lives of poverty unless they obtain education. Local missionaries are helping 225 children from such families to obtain schooling free of cost. Among the beneficiaries are the children of a paralyzed widow. Workers are also developing the kids’ faith by teaching them the Bible in Sunday school. Local missionaries need donations of $30 or $60 to provide education and other aid to children amid the pandemic. Pray that children from nominally Christian families will be strengthened to withstand discrimination and persecution as they grow older.

December 12th

North Africa

A man on a motorcycle tried to steal the purse of a local missionary, and she fell and was seriously injured. Police not only caught the thief but heard the gospel from the worker, and an officer prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. The gospel is spreading through worker home visits, small groups and medical outreaches, among other means. Reaching a variety of people from young children to the elderly, local missionaries recently planted five churches, and others are in training to start more congregations. Workers need donations for the tools and training to undertake these and other evangelism and discipleship initiatives.

December 13th


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, tribal people are accepting visits to their homes by local missionaries who then start Bible studies. Sharing the gospel with individuals or entire families, workers start small worshipping fellowships even when they lack regular income; other workers are learning a trade to support themselves. One ministry plans to establish 30 churches in a province where many Muslims are receiving Christ. Donations are sought for local ministries throughout the country to plant biblically grounded churches. Pray that congregations will be unified, protected and guided by the Holy Spirit.

December 14th


During periods when COVID-19 restrictions closed regular church meetings, a local ministry’s Bible study materials were timely lifesavers for Christian leaders needing to provide spiritual nutrition to small group leaders and others. Meantime, classes the ministry offers have increased in three provinces by 17, bringing the total to 649 throughout the country. A class for an older congregation continued strong even after the pandemic forced it to go online, with two people putting their faith in Christ and receiving baptism. Donations are sought to make and grow disciples through the ministry’s materials and classes. Pray for workers’ safety in the face of opposition.

December 15th


Opportunities to minister to nationals hard-hit by a failing economy and to refugees from areas of conflict have led to multiple avenues for sharing the gospel. New believers are showing deep concern for the lost, and their boldness in word and deed is arousing the interest of the unsaved to know more about Christ. Everyone is suffering from the economic crisis, which has made basic necessities such as bread and clean water nearly unaffordable, and local missionaries are also in need as they proclaim Christ and train others to do so. Donations are sought to support their various evangelistic outreaches and follow-up. Pray for workers’ spirits and support.

December 16th


A tribal group already without income due to COVID-19 lockdowns also saw their crops fail from scarce rainfall. Local missionaries were able to provide relief items to more than 500 families thanks to Christian Aid Mission donors. “The name and fame of Jesus has spread because of your help,” the native ministry leader said. “Government authorities who generally do not view Christians with favor were thankful because the help that you provided went to those who needed it the most.” Workers need donations to provide relief from pandemic fallout and other natural disasters such as flooding and landslides. They request prayer for safety and provision from the Lord.

December 17th


Church services stopped because of the pandemic, but the spread of the gospel has exploded online. Young people are sharing USB sticks with Christian messages and films supplied by local missionaries, and the content is spreading through WhatsApp groups and other social media. Workers have also distributed Bibles to Santeria cult members, soldiers and others and have seen their lives transformed. With churches closed by pandemic restrictions, local missionaries have divided them into home groups that have grown into five new congregations of about 50 each. Workers need donations to undertake these and other evangelization and discipleship initiatives. Pray for healthy, unified churches.

December 18th


Economically paralyzed from COVID-19 shutdowns, people suffering even greater lack and hunger after the Feb. 1 military takeover were happy to hear the gospel when local missionaries brought rice and other foods. Workers established a new church in the area after 23 people received Christ as Lord and Savior. In another area struck by flooding, a ministry worker and his wife had a burden to share Christ with villagers and brought them the gospel even though they had no food to offer; their ministry later provided funds for food and other relief items as well as gospel outreach. Workers throughout the country need donations of $35 or $70 for such wholistic ministry. They request prayer for protection from bullets, coronavirus and persecution.

December 19th

Sierra Leone

As people put their faith in Christ, follow-up and discipleship are crucial. In classes for new converts, local missionaries have found people sometimes came forward at altar calls without understanding what they were doing, and workers further explained the gospel and led them to faith in Christ. New believers then learned about the triune God and the importance of sharing their testimony, becoming part of a church and small-group participation. Workers recently baptized 42 new Christians in Freetown, where they planted two churches. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray for God’s provision for new and existing workers.

December 20th


When a boy who had been sick for several months failed to respond to medical treatments and suddenly fell unconscious, his parents summoned witchdoctors and many gods to no avail. A relative put them in touch with a local missionary, who along with his wife rushed to pray for him as the boy was near death. He regained consciousness within a half hour of prayer and was healed, and the entire family put their faith in the Lord. The ministry has workers in 11 states who led more than 1,090 people to receive Christ over a period of six months. Donations are sought for such evangelism and discipleship throughout the country. Pray the Lord would protect workers facing hostilities.

December 21th


A local ministry’s vision to establish thousands of self-replicating house churches makes training of all new believers crucial. Local missionaries train all those who trust Christ with a one-month discipleship on the foundations of faith as well as a three-month training in evangelization and home church planting. Workers also train the Christians to become trainers of other trainers, thus multiplying spiritual harvests. Souls are transformed as Christians learn to devote their lives to the gospel. Donations are sought for the costs of discipleship materials, travel and lodging and other tools for the trainings.

December 22nd


In a faltering economy further hammered by COVID-19, many refugees from Syria and elsewhere are totally dependent on aid for their families’ survival. Hundreds of families receive aid packages of rice, lentils, salt and other foods, as well as women’s hygiene items and winter shoes for children. Baby food and diapers are included if funding permits, and workers also include Arabic Bibles for those who agree to receive them. As a result of this assistance, thousands of people have heard the gospel. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought to provide refugees with life-saving aid. Workers request prayer to be able to reach more people with aid and the message of eternal life.

December 23rd


A man in bondage to strong drink at a local ministry’s rehabilitation center for substance abusers took a deep dive into the Bible, gradually became free of his addictions and began a relationship with the Lord. Starting a new life, he reconciled with his estranged parents before his father’s death and found steady employment. Workers at the center begin treatment by telling each trainee that only God can free them of their addictions. They also invite the addicts’ families to learn about the Lord. The ministry needs donations to bring healing and salvation to addicts and their loved ones. Pray the Lord will grip the hearts of more people trapped in addiction.

December 24th


Students at a local ministry’s school recently commented on how much the instruction has helped them and their families; their Muslim parents are also impressed at the subject knowledge and life training they are receiving. This is one way the ministry is gaining platforms to share about eternal life in Christ. Workers are also reaching people with the gospel through digital media, phone conversations and film screenings, along with home visits and Bible studies. Donations are sought for the tools and means to form biblically grounded disciples of Christ. Pray that church plants would grow in their missionary vision.

December 25th


Animists who worship various spirits are embracing Christ even knowing that it could bring persecution. Local missionaries provided digital audio players to people in two villages, and 17 members of a tribal group who had been listening to the Christian content accepted an invitation to hear workers share the gospel. They all made decisions to follow Christ. In another area, five families who heard a local missionary share the gospel at a funeral put their faith in Christ – another 29 people. Workers need donations for the tools and training to cultivate strong disciples. Pray that local officials will allow house churches to continue worshipping the Lord.

December 26th


Local missionaries visited brethren in five communities in the Andes after a long absence due to pandemic restrictions, greeting them through tears with hugs and encouraging them in their hope in Christ. Friends and relatives took note of their teaching that the Lord does not abandon them, and four families put their faith in Christ. In other areas, workers visited homes with the gospel and, where meetings were prohibited, proclaimed Christ through megaphones on church building roofs. Local ministries need donations to carry out such initiatives to proclaim Christ and edify those who believe. Pray the Lord will provide for workers and those they’re serving.

December 27th


Poor people suffering from natural disasters and increased poverty due to the pandemic are in desperate need. Local missionaries recently provided food and clothing to destitute widows both within and outside its fellowship. Other workers provided biscuits and protective face masks to more than 5,000 people, while another ministry plans to deliver blankets and mosquito nets to cyclone victims. Local missionaries need donations of $35 or $70 for these and other efforts to deliver compassionate aid. Workers request prayer that the Lord provide for the needs of ever-poorer people.

December 28th

North Africa

When workers with a local ministry visit and pray with people, the Lord acts in various ways. A 55-year-old man with a disease put his faith in Christ after workers talked with him about God’s love, and after prayer for healing, doctors said his disease miraculously disappeared. A high school student received visits from local missionaries, accepted Christ and now prays the Lord complete the work He began in him. Among other ministries, workers led 27 cell groups and 72 home meetings and held seven medical outreaches in which 425 sick people were treated. They need donations for their monthly upkeep. Pray the Holy Spirit would strengthen and guide them.

December 29th


Local missionaries are training leaders for churches among refugees who speak Arabic, Sorani and Farsi. At the same time, many newly believing refugees who have left for other destinations in Europe are eager to begin congregations among their ethnic groups, and local missionaries are discipling them through Zoom and personal visits. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for the teaching, tools and New Testaments needed for refugee congregations in the local workers’ country, as well as for the discipleship and training provided to refugees starting congregations in their new destinations. Pray the Lord will establish refugees in their new countries and use them to expand His kingdom.

December 30th

South Asia

A father received Christ after healing prayer by local missionaries delivered his son from a chronic illness, and he donated part of his land for a house church where a small congregation is now worshipping. Other house churches have sprung up in two other areas, one with eight people and one with three families. Workers distributed tracts, showed gospel films and proclaimed Christ in three villages, and a pair of brothers received Christ and have been attending church services. Local missionaries need donations in order to undertake such gospel outreaches and follow up with those who believe. They request prayer for God’s provision and self-sustainability projects for workers.

December 31st

Christian Aid

The local missionaries that Christian Aid Mission finds and vets have a single-minded devotion to every person they come across learning of God’s love in Christ. Powered in large measure by their joy in knowing the Lord, workers yearn for others to live in the light of His grace and enjoy transforming fellowship. We help fulfill their ministry visions by connecting resources from kingdom-driven people in wealthier countries to their work. Please consider a donation to help us find, evaluate and support them. Pray the Lord will protect and encourage local missionaries facing overwhelming obstacles.