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October 1st


In home visits, prayer for the sick and helping villagers with farm work, local missionaries establish relationships and share about Christ’s saving death on the cross. Workers with one ministry saw 40 people put their faith in Christ over the course of a few months. Preaching the gospel at one fellowship gathering, they saw another 20 people commit their lives to Christ. Local missionaries seek donations for such outreaches and discipleship with those who receive eternal life. Pray that literacy levels would increase and more Christian leaders would be trained.

October 2nd


A young man had no qualms about harming his family members, and at a native ministry conference he unflinchingly told the group director that he was upset with someone and planned to kill him – his own brother. The leader and other young Christians gathered around him and prayed for the young man, who felt himself getting free of an evil spirit and then prayed to receive Christ’s salvation. He is just one of many people whose lives have been transformed by local missionaries through several evangelism and discipleship programs, for which donations of $25 or $50 are sought. Pray that new believers would find unified churches.

October 3rd


The wife of a Buddhist put her faith in Christ after local missionaries shared the gospel with her, and her husband strongly opposed her new faith. An alcoholic, he verbally abused and beat her. His wife continued meeting with Christians and praying for him, and the Lord gave him the desire to change; he received Christ, and his life was transformed. He was one of 28 people who recently came to Christ. From urban slums to impoverished villages, local missionaries are establishing relationships with unreached people as they distribute Christian literature, and they seek donations of $25 or $50 for such efforts. Pray for new Christians to find new community.

October 4th


As the coronavirus pandemic has confined people to their homes, more are asking for Bibles and are searching the Internet for information about Christianity. Local missionaries are busier than ever sending out New Testaments and Bibles and answering questions from those visiting their websites and reading their social media advertisements. With travel forbidden, 10 people have asked workers to visit their homes when allowed, and two have already prayed to receive Christ. For such expressions of Christ’s love, donations of $35 or $70 are sought. Pray the Holy Spirit would guide Turks and people from other countries as they search for God’s help amid isolation and lack.

October 5th


Police prohibited an unregistered church from holding its large meetings in a rented facility, with officers saying the Christians had to break up into groups of no more than five people in separate locations. Such actions are taking place throughout the country, underscoring the need for discipleship and leadership training as the additional groups require leaders able to teach and model faith. Local ministries seek donations for such training and other tools of evangelism and discipleship. Pray that the Lord would show Christians how to fellowship and grow under difficult circumstances.

October 6th


A poor villager told local missionaries he didn’t believe their gospel but later agreed to visit their church. After six Sunday services, he put his faith in Christ as Lord and Savior, as did his wife and six children. A month later, eight other families came to the Lord in response to his witness and have established a house church. Local missionaries throughout the country seek donations to be equipped, trained and sent to make such disciples. Pray the Lord would prepare hearts to receive eternal life in Christ, and that He would strengthen and protect those facing opposition.

October 7th


A Muslim from an unreached tribe zealously attended Friday prayers but was growing disillusioned by the amulets of traditional superstitions – and knives – that others brought to the mosque. When he saw a Muslim stab another at the door of the mosque, he renounced Islam. He was studying paths to salvation when he met a local missionary and, presented with the gospel, immediately put his faith in Christ. Recently local missionaries led more than 40 people to the Lord, and evangelists who are reaching thousands with the gospel in spite of opposition seek donations for such efforts. Pray the Holy Spirit would open many eyes to see Christ.

October 8th

South Asia

A woman kept many idols of Hindu gods in her home that she worshipped daily until local missionaries shared the gospel with her. She put her faith in Christ, was baptized, got rid of all her idols and has become a new person serving the Lord. Speaking to people who follow traditional tribal religion about the true love of God and His shed blood for humanity, workers saw 10 people from the ethnic group come to saving faith. For such evangelism and discipleship initiatives, workers throughout the region seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray the Holy Spirit would guide and empower workers as they navigate multiple cultural barriers.

October 9th


House churches are sprouting in 93-percent Muslim Turkmenistan thanks to the faithful courage and tenacity of local missionaries. Many of those they are reaching have never heard the gospel. Even as the country builds new mosques, the Lord is providing workers many opportunities to spread His kingdom. Workers reaching a wide array of people, from children to substance abusers, seek donations for such outreaches, follow-up Bible study materials, leadership training and other means of evangelism and discipleship throughout the region. Pray the Holy Spirit would guide workers to key people at key times for the growth of His kingdom.

October 10th


In a remote area where Christ’s name was not known, villagers last year learned about the Lord from their own countrymen in their native language. There is a small congregation there now. The same native ministry is sending local missionaries to both cities and the countryside. Workers gave a university professor in one urban area a Bible, and he studied it for several months; recently he put his faith in Christ and is preparing to be baptized. Local missionaries throughout the country seek donations to be equipped and sent to make such disciples. Pray workers will obtain what they need in the face of rising costs, and that new Christians will grow deep roots amid opposition.

October 11th


The father of several children was despondent since his business went bankrupt five years ago, and then local missionaries provided training and soft loans for him to start a small business selling soup. The family has regained hope as the workers steered them toward the Bible and church. Local missionaries throughout the country seek donations of $25 or $50 for such micro-enterprise projects, prison ministry and other community outreaches in Christ’s name. Pray the Lord would bring hope to many people as workers help transform entire communities.

October 12th


In areas of deep poverty, local missionaries are providing hope for a better future as they offer training in computer skills, retail sales and tailoring to young people and heads of households. More than 270 students have successfully completed the training, up from 150 the previous year, and most of them have found work as a result. Local missionaries seek donations for such community engagement projects throughout the country. Pray the Lord would break the cycle of poverty and lift the poor into His truth and light as they obtain livelihood and dignity.

October 13th


People in a remote village were suffering deeply from shortage of water before local missionaries visited them and helped them drill a borehole. The measure made a huge impact on their community and their hearts, opening many to hear the gospel. Workers in other areas also left a deep impression on people by providing funds for school fees, as well as loans for young people to start businesses. Local missionaries seek donations for such community engagement initiatives. Pray that those who are lifted out of poverty would glorify the Lord in thanks, praise and in their daily lives.

October 14th


Villagers consecrated the son of a well-known witchdoctor to follow in his father’s footsteps, but then local missionaries explained Christ’s atoning death and resurrection to him, and he had a personal encounter with the Lord. His family also became Christian, and he went on to become an ordained missionary and pastor who planted a church in a remote area. Such local missionaries need donations of $25 or $50 to introduce unreached people to Christ and God’s Word and form disciples. Pray that more workers and leaders would be trained to bring the kingdom of God to remote, tribal areas.

October 15th

Sri Lanka

Establishing relationships with entire families, local missionaries find harmful dynamics within households and many troubled souls. As they present Christ and Bible teaching, they see healing and families transformed by relationship with the Lord. People also learn about Christ from local missionaries visiting the sick in hospitals, and a children’s ministry results in parents making contact with workers and learning about the true Christ of the Bible. For these and other evangelism and discipleship initiatives, workers seek donations of $25 or $50. Pray that new Christians will be protected and nurtured in increasingly hostile surroundings.

October 16th


Desperate families from conflict areas such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan continue to pour into Greece with critical needs. Local missionaries provide them clothing, baby strollers, diapers and other items to meet immediate needs and help them obtain hospital care and doctors’ appointments. They also assist with applications for housing and asylum, especially for victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and torture. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 for such aid. Pray that broken lives will be transformed materially and spiritually.

October 17th


When the coronavirus outbreak shifted ministry meetings online, a local ministry leader longed for face-to-face contact. He asked the Lord how he could meet people again, and that night he dreamt about an unbelieving volunteer. The next day a local missionary said the volunteer was interested in the gospel and connected him with the leader – who had a long phone conversation and led him to faith in Christ. The following two days, the leader led two more people to Christ. Workers who see the Lord working in spite of restrictions seek donations of $60 for such evangelism and follow-up. Pray the Holy Spirit would encourage gospel workers.

October 18th


Engaging unreached people through home visits, Christian films and other means, local missionaries involve them in cell groups where they study the Bible and come to faith in Christ. Workers also reach people through gospel events, sports evangelism and radio programs. Besides discipling those who come to faith, a Missions School on Wheels carries out on-the-spot training of church leaders in their villages or cities so they can remain ministering among their people. Donations of $35 or $70 are sought for these and other gospel programs. Pray that workers struggling to support their families will be encouraged and inspired amid difficult circumstances.

October 19th


Local missionaries in one village bring the hope of eternal life in Christ as they sell second-hand clothes and visit homes. Bible study to deepen the faith of those who come to Christ follows, with young adults and teenagers attending a discipleship course every Saturday. In another area of the 57-percent Muslim country where communists banned religion until 1990, local missionaries have planted a church and trained a couple to lead it. Such workers throughout the country seek donations to plant and grow churches. Pray the light of Christ would guide people’s lives and shine love and hope into the surrounding darkness.

October 20th


Working among several different tribal peoples in the Himalayan country wedged between China and India, local missionaries travel for days through hilly areas where there are no roads. Reaching one area in Gorkha District takes nine days. Though people lost schools and are underfed following 2015 earthquakes, they are hungry for God’s Word. One local ministry saw 36 people receive Christ over six months, forming two new churches. Local missionaries throughout the country seek donations of $60 for such outreaches and follow-up. Pray the Lord will strengthen and supply workers to reach more places where Christ is unknown.

October 21st


In spite of fears of potential persecution, local missionaries are bringing the gospel of Christ in one-to-one conversations and in presentations to groups. One local missionary, a former Muslim, presented a Bible study to 14 Muslim young people, and after one month they accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. Workers fanning out elsewhere saw several hundred others accept Christ, including former mosque leaders. Local workers seek donations for such evangelism and discipleship efforts. Pray that new Christians will withstand strong family pressures to renounce Him, and that their brethren in Christ will support them.

October 22nd


People fleeing violence in the Middle East and Africa are even more desperate amid the COVID-19 pandemic as sources of aid slow or stop. Local missionaries in European countries are able to access and distribute food and medicines for families, the elderly and other refugees. Trafficked women and people traumatized by torture and atrocities of war are especially in need of physical, psychological and spiritual aid. Workers throughout Europe seek donations of $35 or $70 to help meet these needs. Pray for strength amid circumstances of opposition, economic paralysis, poverty and coronavirus illness.

October 23rd


The elderly and poor are suffering most from COVID-19 in Iraq, and quarantining is impossible in homes where several people live in one room. Local missionaries are receiving thousands of urgent requests for food and medicine as the pandemic has stopped other agencies from making deliveries to camps for the displaced, but local missionaries provide food and medicine each week and present the gospel; 14 recipient families have put their faith in Christ since March. Workers seek donations of $35 or $70 to help meet physical and spiritual needs in Christ’s name. Pray the Lord would break down all obstacles to delivering compassionate aid to suffering souls.

October 24th


Besides home visits and open-air campaigns, local missionaries rent conference rooms where they conduct seminars for seekers, teaching them repentance and faith in Christ. The many who receive the gift of eternal life are later invited to a home where they are discipled as a group over time. Workers then build a provisional worship place for them and train a pastor to nurture them. As the church grows, members buy land for a building. Local missionaries seek donations of $25 or $50 for these and other outreaches. Pray workers will rely on the Holy Spirit to go before them in all their efforts, to lead seekers to them and to open the eyes of their hearts to Christ.

October 25th


Poor villagers were devastated when storms ripped through their areas, damaging some homes with flooding while winds ripped the roofs off others. Local missionaries provided coverings for their broken roofs, encouraging widows and others with the knowledge that the Lord had provided people to care for those who suffer in this world. Workers who had also distributed woolen blankets over the winter provided vitamins to those whose health was threatened after the storms. To provide such compassionate aid throughout the country, workers seek donations of $35 or $70. Pray that those in desperate need may know the comfort of Christ.

October 26th


Without funding to rent a worship site, recent university graduates were praying for their college-town church to help them plant a fellowship back in their hometown. A disciple who graduated from a local ministry’s Christian training center years ago was the answer to their prayer, agreeing to lead them in a church-planting effort in their native town after receiving short-term training from the local ministry. The ministry also planted a church in the eastern part of its city. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for these and other evangelism and discipleship efforts.

October 27th


Needy people feel the genuine care that local missionaries have for them as workers bring them water, education and health care. Four boreholes that local missionaries provided to four communities are serving more than 3,000 people and have reduced death rates. In another area workers provided health services, including medicines, as well as a school where none had existed. Now more than 200 children can not only read and write but also speak proper English. Local missionaries need donations for such community engagement projects. Pray that people coming to Christ as a result of these services will be kept safe from hostile opposition.

October 28th


Women in Tajikistan often suffer abuse from husbands and other male relatives due to longstanding cultural attitudes; 97 percent of men and 72 percent of women believe that a woman should put up with violence “in order to save the family,” according to one study. Local missionaries hold an event on Nov. 25, International Day against Violence against Women, in which they distribute information to women about how to obtain advice or help. Workers also provide a rose for husbands to present to their wives and a card for wives to give to their husbands, encouraging mutual respect. For such community engagement efforts in Christ’s name throughout the region, donations of $25 or $50 are sought. Pray that God’s kingdom would take root.

October 29th

Middle East

A young refugee girl couldn’t walk, and local missionaries provided a wheelchair and prayed for her, besides paying her family’s heating bill twice and bringing them food. The girl is also unable to speak, but she gained such peace from their prayer that on their next visit she hand-signaled that she wanted more prayer. Workers throughout the region are providing such assistance to refugees largely abandoned because of COVID-19, along with clean water and clothing. They seek donations of $35 or $70 for such aid. Pray the Lord would help local missionaries to overcome barriers rising due to coronavirus in order to reach desperate people.

October 30th


Local missionaries are adept at discipling new believers to plant churches among their Spanish countrymen, but they also have become experienced at sharing the gospel with refugees and other foreign peoples among them. Christians among the different nationalities are then trained to reach their own people with Christ’s salvation: for example, Romanis (“Gypsies”) among Romanis, Arabic-speakers among Arabic-speakers and Armenians among Armenians – and, in visits to prisoners, even inmates among inmates. Donations of $25 or $50 are sought for these outreaches. Pray the Good News of eternal life in Christ would spread through these various peoples.

October 31st

Christian Aid

We are dedicated to finding out the exact needs of Christian ministries that are based in areas of poverty or persecution and providing what they lack. Whether it is funding to train and send local missionaries to the unreached peoples of their countries or safe shelter for persecuted converts from the religion of their upbringing, we maximize your dollar to bring the most impact at the lowest cost. Please consider a donation today to help Christian Aid Mission find, evaluate and support local missionaries, and pray that workers in difficult circumstances will be encouraged to make disciples in every nation.